Mar 17, 2017


Still alive, not dead yet unfortunately.

I've decided to stop posting on this blog and exclusively use my twitter and pixiv instead. As usual, more "formal" stuff on my tumblr and pixiv but do check out my twitter for shitposting/scribbles/WIP/doodles.

Life update-wise, I made it past graduation, licensure, and now working/in the critical care residency.
Sometimes just walking forward gets u places.

Thank you for following up with my blog till now, and hopefully see you on my more active platforms.

Oct 20, 2016


Life looks bleak for me currently and probably up until mid-December.
I'll be going out of country for vacation right after graduation (mid-Dec) to mid-Jan, then I'll be taking the NCLEX around early Feb.

I won't have time to produce new content until I:
1. pass everything
2. graduate
3. get my life together
but will shitpost on my twitter @rmkntrl as always.
Feel free to DM or @ me there!

I'll also be thinking about the future for this blog as well.

Oct 8, 2016

RIP DeadSea

I haven't drawn anything since my flower solo cover but here's a guilty doodle after watching NGE again.

follow my twitter @rmkntrl for on-the-spot updates and random

Sep 2, 2016


A few egg creations I've made the past week.

The crepes had a much more mellow flavor than I thought. We ran out of ham so I substituted but the saltiness of the sausage accentuated the recipe greatly.
I don't think I can eat too much of this and it's deceivingly filling, but it was a relatively good breakfast.

The eggs Benedict was amazing! I think the butter content was excessive but the tangy sweetness of the egg sauce accentuated the entire dish.

Next time I want to try using ham instead of bacon for the lower saltiness.

Sep 1, 2016


 Solo flower art. Check out how she sounds :0
It went from a quick doodle to PV art material :>

【flower】Strangers (Fukase OFF vers.)

.ust © えり@char_yute
Composition & lyrics © Heavenz

flower's solo version in -4 key! I bumped the vsqx to original key after I finished tuning and she sounds amazingly expressive as well! You can listen to that version in acapella form on my Soundcloud.
Listen to flower's duet with Fukase!

Original key acapella 
flower solo DL
Duet DL